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Top 7 Full Body Pillows

During the time of this global pandemic, comfort at home is one’s biggest priority. Especially in the phase of pregnancy, women always look for the most pleasant surroundings. For this purpose, the best full body pillows bring peace and comfort to one’s soul.

Given below is the list of top 7 best full-body pillows widely used. Let’s explore each of the body-sized pillow companies to some extent that will help you pick the most therapeutic pillow to calm your inner and outer self.

Snuggle Pedic Body Size Pillow

Declared the best full-body pillow in 2018, Snuggle Pedic never fails to surprise the customer with their heart-warming products. For pregnant ladies, who are not interested in C-shaped or U-shaped pillows have this suitable option open all the times. Snuggle Pedic gives users a pillow with a soft, breathable cover for light sleep experiences. Not just in 2018, this pregnancy pillow can still be ranked the best full body pillow.

  • This memory foam body pillow has an outer layer made with 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% Polyester, .6% Lycra which helps manage the body temperature during the night. With Kool-Flow Soft and Luxurious, Extra Breathable Micro-Vented Cover Made in the USA. 
  • A flexible pillow of 20 x 54-inch Cut Size made with Cloud-Coated Spun fiber and Shredded Memory Foam fill that never compromises on orthopaedical measures for peaceful night sleep. The flexibility of this pillow will allow you to either spread it out for lower form or collected for dense support.
  • Snuggle Pedic never compromises on their customer’s health and the surroundings. Hence, provide very eco-friendly products. This body-sized pillow is a certified Green Guard Gold Pillow and considered as a top best full body pillow. For emphasize on customers health satisfaction, this pillow is made hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and with extremely low VOC off-gas emissions.  

When purchased from authorized sellers, a 20-years warranty with 120-night return policy with no refund policy is available for the customers. For shipment purposes, the product is compressed & vacuum sealed.

60in Full Body Pillow

       Rest during pregnancy is crucial for both the baby and the mother. Sleep with soft cushioning and comfort can help reduce the future complication faced during the delivery time like preeclampsia. Mental and physical peace of mother is necessary to avoid miscarriages and premature membranes rupture. With its features, this pillow is considered one of the best full body pillows.

  • 60in provides a variety of therapeutic sleep positions. You can also remove the pillow side to use it for knee rest. It helps support your body and keep the spine in alignment.
  • For the perfect sleep/body rest posture, this product has a small 45⁰ angle pillow which props your baby bump to lessen the tension on your spine during sleep. So, this pillow is a complete maternity care package.
  • This product is not just for women with maternity issues but for adults of all ages and sizes for a calm night. You can also use it as a post-surgery pillow to offer padding where you need it. This pillow is an all-rounder for all situations.

INSEN Pregnancy pillow

To help avoid the distress faced during the pregnancy days, INSEN provides women with a C-shaped human-sized pillow that is worth the purchase. It is the 3rd best full-body pillow in the mentioned 7 items. Pregnancy pillows help control the congestion encountered during these days due to its contours which keep the users head elevated and support the back, belly, hips and knee.

  • Made with polyester, this 58 x 28 x 7.8 inched pillow would replace all other cushions. With a high-density soft cotton outer layer and silk cotton inner layer, a night of quality sleep with no interruptions (lower back pain and hip pain etc.) is a promise by INSEN.
  • One good thing is the fact that this pillow, not just provides comfort during the night but in the day as well. This maternity pillow gives a rest cushion during the night to keep your neck, shoulder, back and hip aligned and proved to be a best full body pillow. For the day rest, you can fold it into multiple positions to improve the blood circulations, and it also helps reduce the body swelling. To wash the pillow, outer and lining zippers are available to ease the unwrapping.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc provides an ultimate C-shaped body pillow which is one of the best full-body pillows. This pillow can vanish the need for multiple bed pillows, helping your body posture and saving from spine injuries. In the listed 7 pillows, it is ranked 4th best full body pillow.

  • To adjust with the body activities, the pregnancy pillow has adjustable poly fill fiber adapts to your belly and back when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV, which is perfect for pregnancy days.
  • The pain linked to pregnancy can be severe when left untreated. So, PharMeDoc gives body pillows that serve for reducing the body aches due to pregnancy for uninterrupted night sleep.
  • During sleep, head, neck, legs, and back needs the most support. For this, the full body pillow serves anyone recovering from surgery or tired of having to use separate sleep cushions.

PharMeDoc has Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty policy for their customers with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed designed in California. Besides, they have a 100% Cotton Canvas Travel & Storage Bag in the product package.

Queen Rose Body Pillow

       A night of good sleep is a necessity during pregnancy days to regulate the hormones growth. Bringing this to light, Queen Rose presents you with a pillow to keep your sleep cycle healthy. It is hard to find the best full-body pillow for yourself, but the uniquely designed pillow straightens the back, hips, legs, belly, long enough to stretch out and for body support during sleep. 

  • With a very diverse customers range, people with fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, eliminate tossing and turning, etc. found this pillow helpful in minimizing the trouble during sleep. 
  • With comfort and support, this pillow has hypoallergenic polyester filling to save customers from severe allergic relapses and plush firmness. 
  • Even for morning while-rest activities like reading, nursing, watching TV, this pillow provides full-body support for a healthy posture.
  • Queen Rose aims to gain customer satisfaction for which they provide a lifetime warranty and one of the best full body pillows

NiDream Pregnancy Pillow

NiDream Pregnancy pillow has a unique U-shape and large size to stretch the whole body for relief. It not just accommodates the pregnant women but also to anyone keen for peaceful night sleep.

  • Swelling and body aches are typical medical issues during pregnancy. So, to get-over, the discomforts like sciatica leg swelling, back pain, the sudden push on the liver, hypertension syndrome and body tossing and turning this pillow adds a lot. It also straightens the head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip and feet.
  • Varying sleeping positions is not a problem anymore because this pillow is suitable for the back sleeper, side sleeper and stomach sleeper. This best full body pillow provides a sense of relaxing during rest.
  • Pillow has a 100% soft cotton outer layer and brushed breathable textile. The pillow has a premium polyester fill providing persistent full and endurance, not sag quickly. It’s a machine-washable product with double zippers for easy removal. One can adjust filling according to body needs.

HOKEKI Full Body Pillow

To keep the natural body shape, the HOKEKI provides adjustable and the best full body pillow. This fuzzy pillow is perfect for pregnancy day and supports the side, back, and stomach sleepers. Besides, the human-sized product is suitable for day rest activities like sleeping, reading, nursing and breastfeeding.

  • With the adjustability factor, users can adjust the pillow with their body demands accordingly. Pillow inner has a microfiber polyester fill which can be reduced through a zipper for body comfort. With a size of 20X 54 inches, the pillow fits perfectly to a tired human body. The inner fill fiber provides medium density to the body.
  • Being one of the best full-body pillows, it has a skin-friendly, heat resistant and breathable polyester cover, ensuring a peaceful night. 
  • This pillow is a machine-washable product to maintain hygiene.
  • HOKEKI never compromises on product quality. Hence, promise on providing the best products in town. In case of any issues, contact them for assistance.

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