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Best Remote-Control Multi-surface vacuum

A clean house feels like heaven on earth. Moreover, cleanliness these days is very crucial to get rid of the toxic germs of Corona Virus. So, for the ease of cleaning purposes, multi-surface vacuum cleaners are the top appliance for you. Multi-surface vacuum cleaners help pick the debris from not just your dense house carpeting but also the lino flooring. The power vacuum cleaner provides an immeasurable cleaning performance with a variety of surface platforms to deal with. Apart from this, the unique and reconfigurable design quality of these vacuums is something to talk about.

Listed below are a few of the best Multi-surface vacuum cleaners around the globe selected on criteria of durable performance and design quality.

Best Remote-Control Multi-surface vacuum: ILIFE V5s Pro

      The ILIFE V5s Pro is not an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but it is a remote-control robot with the 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping ability. Let us define the outstanding features of this hand-held magician.

  • For detailed and deep house cleansing ILIFE V5s Pro is the right pick. It has a robust suction in vacuum mode that sweeps the litter off your house and the power mopping operation with a smart switch water tank to get rid of the grime from your floor. One machine, two power purposes, isn’t it thrilling?
  •  The motor is powerful and well-built with no noise quality that is soothing for your surroundings too. This motor has a high-grade ability to collect debris, hair, dust and dirt from multi-surfaces.
  • The dirtbag is quality ensured and collects every little pet hair and dirt from your low-pile carpets and hard floors.
  • The automatic charging method is a relief for users. This ILIFE V5s Pro lasts up to 110 minutes of work and is never tired of cleaning your house. That means maintaining hygiene is a potential feature of this machine.
  • This robot is a remote control with an exceptional 2 AAA Battery. It has an AC Adapter with a minimum length of 1.5m length having a charging base. The adjusting suction and mopping mode have one cleaning brush, two side brushes, one water tank and one mop holder (including a mop) for your leisure.
  • A User Guide Manual is also provided for guide ease. Customer satisfaction is a must policy for ILIFE and grants a 12-month warranty and timely services.

 Best Navigation Multi-surface vacuum: iHome AutoVac

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Best Smart Multi-surface vacuum: ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum

You ever heard about a multi-surface vacuum cleaner with an intelligence navigation trait that provides a live dynamic cleaning of your home. No? Well, we present you here the iHome AutoVac that efficiently observes the house floor mapping and cleanse the house from all the dirt while you sit and manage it. You can also view the live AutoVac Eclipse to inspect the cleaning.

  • With an electrically handled Water Bank, the AutoVac Eclipse has the 2-in-1 mopping and floor vacuuming technique. But for mopping, you need to shift the vacuum mode to Power Mop Tank for dirt-free and shiny floors.
  • iHome AutoVac has a hyperdrive switch feature that allows user to choose from the three suction states of Quiet, Normal or Kick (with 2000pa suction power). The three power brushes sweep away all kind of specks of dirt that provides 99% hygiene to your house. 
  • This robot is an easily operated system. You can control it using your smartphone/handheld gadgets. For effortless control, Download the iHome CLEAN App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use this application to choose and control all the features provided by iHome AutoVac.
  • The reconfigurable and self-contained design of this vacuum will adjust itself to the floor surface. It is best suitable for the Laminated floors, low-pile carpeting, tiles and wooden floors. iHome AutoVac multi-surface cleaner is a versatile cleaning master with remarkable features and maneuverable design.

Best Zigzag Multi-surface vacuum: ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum

Just like any other ILIFE multi-surface vacuum ILIFE V8s has a 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping feature for thorough cleansing of your house using robust vacuum suction. For mopping, it has an adjustable water output tank that modifies itself to the floors. But ILIFE V8s comes with a robot LCD display that keeps the operating method smooth for all the users with the on-screen display.

  • The power suction comes with a big 750ml dustbin to ensure cleaning without bin emptying and sustains symmetry in the cleaning process.
  • Along with the vacuum suction is the fine suction inlet that provides smooth passage of all the debris or germs detected on the floor. The enhanced suction inlet has a powerful floating ability that best suits the pet owners who are tired of collecting the fading pet hairs with hands.
  • With a Zigzag cleaning strategy, no place is left behind during cleansing that provides a maximum health safety to users by managing the hygienics.
  • So, with an ILIFE V8s, you get a wonderful and economic health package including a smart robot with remote control. Two extra filters and an AC adapter of 1.5m length. A charging dock is also provided with a 2AAA battery. The robot contains a cleaning brush with two side brushes and an adjustable water tank with a mop. Users guide for laymen service is also the main focus along with a 12-month warranty and convenient assistance.

Best Corded Multi-surface vacuum: BISSELL Cleanview Swivel

Bissell is an American based floor care manufacturer that also has a policy of SAVE PETS. It donates 10 US$ on every pet product purchase from Bissell. To save

  • Cleanview swivel has a corded design with pivot steering to ensure maximum area floor cleaning. The maneuvers design is specifically built to collect the pet hair thoroughly from your house floor and carpets. The hair picking is easy because of the triple action brush roll available in BISSELL Cleanview, and it also has a quality scatter free technology. 
  • The most highlighted feature of this multi-surface cleaner is the edge to edge cleaning tp clean the narrow wall corners and edges as well. The cleaning width is as minimum as 13.5 inches.
  • To remove pet hair from your house, BISSELL has specialized tools like the pet corner tool and pet tool etc.
  • This power vacuum has no dirtbag yet provides a bottom default installed dirt bin that is easy to empty as well. The bottom dirt bin makes the emptying process easy and messes free. The most recommended and suitable surface for this cleaner is wooden or hard floors.
  • A hose is attached to the vacuum for the suction purpose that has a length of 6 feet. The filters used in the vacuum needs replacement from time to time. For this, the required filter style is 12141, and dirt bin capacity is 1 liter.
  • During purchase, a Cleanview 2252 belt and Febreeze is included in the shipment package.

Best Power speed Multi-surface vacuum: Eureka NEU182B

Eureka promises customers high-quality cleaning products and makes sure that the satisfaction rate is 100%.

  • Eureka vacuum cleaner is a powerful cleaning device with a dynamic motor and brush roll that efficiently collects the specks of dirt like pet hair quickly. The vacuum nozzle is 12.6 inches wide for more instant and thorough cleaning. 
  • It is easy to lift and handle as it is lightweight with a 10lb density. So, with easy handle comes exceptional house cleaning.
  • With a steering ability, the wheels have a smooth surface to avoid scratches on floors. Eureka cleaner has height adjustment for ease purposes. A total of 5 different vacuum heights are available for the buyers. This cleaner is compatible with both carpets and hard floors etc.
  • It has a Clean More, Empty Less user-ease policy that provides a 4.1L XL sized large capacity dust bin. This dust bin accumulates more dirt in less time and requires less emptying.
  • A package with multiple accessories combined like a quick-release handle connected to the stretchable vacuum hose for above-floor cleaning serves the buyers. To access the hard-to-reach spots, a 7inched long creative dusting brush and upholstery tool assists customers.
  • In short, Eureka vacuum cleaner is a masterpiece in extracting debris and dirt like pet hair. It can also clean your car, wall curtains, house ceilings or door frames. Use it as per your convenience. 

Best Bagless Multi-surface vacuum: Bissell Zing Canister

This vacuum cleaner is a Canister power cleaner that has built-in dust cup with 2 liters dirt capacity. BISSELL believes in customer happiness and positive feedback. Thus, it provides in this product a powerful and cyclonic suction pump that serves precise cleaning. The bagless feature eliminated the need for changing dirtbag with time and has a permanent and durable dirt cup.

  • The surface compatibility ranges from soft carpets to hard floors. The power rate requires is 9 amperes.
  • For precise cleaning, the filters of motor and dirt cup collect the finest dust particles. These filters omit the extra filter capacity as well because they are reusable and cleanable. 
  • Being lightweight (less than right pounds) it is easy to carry with 15 feet of cord for great cleaning reach and retracts with the touch of a button for easy storage.

Best Corded Multi-surface vacuum: APOSEN Vacuum Cleaner

APOSEN is a business corporate established in 2018 that is known for manufacturing the most reliable cleaning products for the consumers.

  • APOSEN ST600 is a vacuum cleaner that is available at very economical price and irresistible quality and design. It is best suited for the marble and wooden hard floors. You may use it to clean carpets, but without the vacuum floor head beater, your carpet might get damaged.
  • APOSEN ST600 is a corded vacuum cleaner. It equips a 600-watt motor powerful enough to support the 15KPA robust vacuum suction. The suctions allow precise cleaning by collecting every little dirt particle from your house. It works better on hard floors and stairs than any other vacuum or robots. 
  • A unique feature is a Precision Mesh Cover that provides 3 stage filter for capturing 99.99% of the microscopic dust. You can access the 3-stage filter through the HEPA Filter to Sponge Filtration. It helps to improve air quality and increase motor lifespan. This HEPA filter is washable and recyclable, easy to extract and fix.
  • The vacuum has a front integrated crevice nozzle that adapts to the surface. It weighs only 3.75lbs, easy to carry and ideal for different cleaning activities. Using APOSEN ST600, you can clean floor to high places easily. 
  • The buttons serve the user ease purposes. On the aluminum alloy tube is a button for the elderly use so that they have to bend over for the main board button. These buttons on the alloy tube are convenient and used for all-purposes e.g. removing or installing aluminum alloy tube, using or integrating the Crevice Nozzle, cleaning 0.5L dust cup or storing the 16.4ft power cord.
  • APOSEN serves consumers with a powerful machine motor, an aluminum alloy tube, floor head for suction purposes, User Manual for consumer guide. 

Best Cordless Multi-surface vacuum: MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

The MOOSOO vacuum has a long-lasting battery life that allows full house cleaning in one go. The vacuum has a powerful suction of 120 watt that picks up every little dirt from the floor. The best multi-surface vacuum in town as it works perfectly on all kinds of hard floors, carpet, stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, etc.

  • Apart from collecting particles from the floor, it has a high-speed rotating airflow to purify the air too. Experience excellent house cleaning and air purifying through HEPA filters that provides 99.99% germs/dirt detection and cleaning. HEPA is easily washable and recyclable.
  • Cords are not always easy to handle. MOOSOO provides a wireless design that eliminated the hassle of carrying a wire while cleaning. This power machine has two adjustable modes to adapt to different cleaning surfaces and allow full use of the battery.
  • With its unique features, this device is human-friendly as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Following ergonomics, this machine is the perfect multi-surface vacuum cleaner. The battery capacity is 2200mAh can be fully charged in 5.5 hours. 
  • MOOSOO vacuum cleaner also has a floor brush with LED smoothly detects dirt. For both wide and narrow gap cleaning a 2-in-1 dusting brush is available. There is a light aluminum alloy tube with AC power adapter and 22000mAH battery. A wall bracket and cleaning tool is also a part of the shipment package. A user manual for laymen guide is also a must provide of MOOSO.

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